• Transportation from and to airport
  • Concierge 24/7
  • Party friendly LUXURY COOL MANSION with pool, plus a maid and butler. Prime Locations
  • Daily Pool parties + two Pool parties at the mansion with a DJ
  • Private CHEF 24/7 (Foodies will be deliciously delighted)
  • This fabulous package includes high quality groceries, seafood specialties and quality, choice steaks, + premium alcohol and champagne Moet, Clicquot
  • 3 x Night life tours with VIP access to clubs accompanied by our guide and security guard 24/7(despite the city being 100% safe)
  • House fully stocked with premium alcohol and champagne Moet, Clicquot
  • Yacht Day. 65ft catamaran or yacht of similar size. Depends on the size of your group. Private party on a catamaran/yacht fully stocked with drinks and a jamming stereo system. You can go to Cholón island, Bora Bora beach club or the Rosario Islands
  • Free recommendations i.e. party places, food spots, clubs, restaurants etc. Plus VIP access to clubs
  • 100% fun and satisfaction guaranteed
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