Have you decided to plan a bachelor party? Your final days before marriage should be used for the best bachelor party ever. Why not do it in style. We have the greatest bachelor party idea and the best bachelor party planning. The memories of your bachelor party will last a lifetime!

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There are many destinations which come to mind a Vegas bachelor party for instance, but why only look and flirt when you can get crazy with the hottest girls. ​​The only place which makes sense is Cartagena, Colombia! You only live once and it’s worth it. Going to strip clubs or a Las Vegas bachelor party sounds very restricted. Come to the best city for no holds barred bachelor party fun. Wild and Crazy Cartagena.

I guarantee you that after coming to party city Cartagena, Columbia and having the best bachelor party, stag party if you will, you are going to thank us at MYBACHELORPARTY for giving you the experience of a lifetime.

What can you expect?

Best stag night ever, Cool mansions, luxury, pool parties, yacht parties, great food, drinks all in the company of sexy, beautiful guests, no worries, only big fun and good vibes. The groom and you groomsmen will want to stay in Columbia forever.

There are several reasons for selecting Cartagena and MYBACHELORPARTY for your groom’s party.

The specific, superb city vibe can only be felt in person, it cannot be fully imagined. You will be surrounded by luxurious yachts and meet lovely ladies who know how to get down, all just a quick flight from the U.S.A.

Cartagena aka the old city, is surrounded by beautiful countryside, has a Caribbean climate and amazing weather all year round, allowing you to organize daily pool parties and yacht parties under the siege willing models.

Cartagena is one of the safest cities in South America and its residents are the most pleasant people in the world. Seamless movement around the city at night. Our host, now your host “the Master of Ceremonies” will take care of your every desire. Professional security will be provided, even though it is not needed in the city.

Cream of the crop parties at an affordable price. Prices are about 2/3 less than the prices in Las Vegas and there is no entertainment as artificial as Vegas which is like a “plastic factory” for fun.

Anonymous, what happens in the city stays in the city. As far as anyone knows you had a traditional bachelor party, not a wild and wicked, extended stag weekend party and an unforgettable bachelor`s night.

You do not have to worry about anything, just choose from one of our three party city bachelor packages and we will take care of the rest. Our full service, 24/7 concierge is an experienced party animal who knows his way around.

Bachelor Party Packages

Based on experience, we have prepared packages of 4-day bachelor parties with the possibility to spontaneously buy trips and tours.
We recommend accommodations in the historic center in one of the amazing villas from the 16th-18th centuries which have been tastefully renovated. Their convenient location makes it quick and easy to go to fabulous establishments in the center for dinner and what have you. We have selected party friendly houses!

It is possible for larger groups to rent their own private island. You will lose the opportunity to go to the city if the mood strikes you in the middle of the night, but with your special guests, DJ’s, chefs and bartenders on hand, who needs to go anywhere.

Package prices vary depending on the accommodations, location, type of yacht and additional services. We will give you a concrete price for most services. A tab can be opened for extra services and of course you will know beforehand what is included in your package price and what costs more. High rollers tend to demand special items. A private concierge will be with you 24/7 with one goal in mind, fulfilling all of your wishes.

Our packages can be customized. Whatever you want, we can deliver.

Let’s Get Rolling. Bachelor Party For Groom

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About us

We have more than 300 bachelor parties and stag weekends under our belt and the outcomes are very similar, nothing short of epic!
Just come and leave the rest to us. We have everything down to the finest detail.
We will take care of you from your arrival at the airport to your departure, which may be sad for you. Security and guides are available for your entire stay. We are able to custom tailor your bachelor party idea, as well as, bachelor themed parties. Side trips and additional activities can be planned and booked on demand.
The way our not so usual parties, usually go.

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Most of our Columbia, Cartagena bachelor parties and stag weekend parties start on Wednesday, or Thursday and finish on Sunday or Monday. Let’s start with dinner in one of the famous local restaurants, enjoy succulent, sea food specialties, ceviche and local cuisine. After dinner you have two options go to one of the locals’ hotspots accompanied by our guide and security guard all in one. You can make some friends for your crazy nights and move your ass to your HOUSE POOL PARTY, or let’s start straight with a house party at the VILLA.

Continue with more lively celebrations. A pool party for 2 or 3 days and nights. A yacht party all day long while you chill on a private island Cholon, or Borabora. Here you will enjoy beach life as well, not only house and pool parties.

After the yacht party, if you played your cards right, you may want to continue at your villa or go to the center to hang out at some of the many clubs, bars and/or casinos.

You might want to chill out on the last day and say goodbye to all the beautiful people you have met. Sometimes clients want to extend their stay spontaneously, no problem. We can provide the same services on the spur of the moment.

For those who want to relax longer and travel around Columbia, we are able to plan an itinerary which takes you to all the places you want to go. We must say, however, we know from experience that the main thing you guys want are wild pool parties with a private DJ, luscious ladies, a chef, and everything you need for an unforgettable party like no other.

The ideal path to pleasure is to choose from the activities on our website. Our assistants are able to organize everything according to your plan or make your plan for you.

Most groups do not find time for side trips at all 🙂

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