Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern all services provided by J.A.INVEST S.A.S (hereinafter as the “Company” or “We”).

Our Company is a travel agency that acts solely as an intermediary reseller of the services described below which means the services are delivered by third-party providers and therefore our Company cannot be held responsible for any delay, loss, injury or expenses caused to or incurred by any person or property in the provision of the services described below. In the unlikely event that our Company is not able to provide the services you ordered (or similar services in the same level of standard), especially due to a sudden cancellation from the third-party provider which is out of our control, we guarantee a full refund of any and all deposits and other financial amounts that you paid in relation to the service(s) that is not available.

Given the fact that the prices of the services we offer fluctuate based on the seasonality and demand, we do not advertise any price lists. Once you select the services you would like to order from our website www.mybachelorparty.com(hereinafter as the “Website”), you are kindly asked to send an e-mail with your enquiry to info@mybachelorparty.com. In response to your e-mail you will receive a quote with precise calculation of various packages that we offer including indication of what services are included in the package and which are excluded or available at an extra cost (hereinafter as the “Offer”). There are three (3) basic options (packages) to choose from, however we can also arrange a tailor-made package for you should you have any specific requests or need. Unless stated explicitly otherwise in the Offer, the prices are per person and inclusive of VAT (IVA).

The prices for all services included in the Offer are agreed upfront and confirmed by our Company in writing (including e-mail) after your acceptance of the Offer by replying to the e-mail in which the Offer was presented to you. Once you confirm your booking in the manned described above, you will receive a pro-forma invoice from the Company which also serves as a written confirmation of the prices stated in the Offer. Until the total price of the services you ordered is confirmed by our Company, We reserve the right to adjust the prices where such increase is required due to inflation of the services’ costs or sudden high demand. Once the price is confirmed by our Company in writing (i.e. stated in the invoice), it is binding on both parties and any changes to it are subject to mutual agreement.

Payment information. A non-refundable deposit of 60 % of the total order amount is required upon your booking based on an invoice issued by the Company (hereinafter as the “Deposit”). The Deposit must be paid in full in line with the instructions set out in the invoice. Failure to pay the Deposit results in automatic cancellation of this contract. Once provided, the Deposit may be used by the Company for the pre-payment of the services you ordered. In case of a now-show, the Company is entitled a contractual penalty equivalent to the Deposit provided and by ordering the services from the Company you expressly agree and acknowledge that the Company may set off its right to a contractual penalty pursuant to the previous sentence against the Deposit provided by you and as such use it to cover the expenses, or any losses incurred by the Company related to the services you ordered but did not use up. After payment of the Deposit, you will receive an e-mail confirming that the transaction was successfully processed by our support team, which will include an electronic voucher. No cancellation is possible following the payment of the required Deposit. Nevertheless, we undertake to make every effort to accommodate any modifications or alterations to your order where it is possible given there is a sufficient time and the circumstances (such us seasonality and high demand) allow for it. The remaining 40 % of the total order amount is due and payable upon your arrival in Cartagena. The failure to pay the reminder of the total order amount may result in refusal to provide some or all of the services included in the Offer. In such case, the Company cannot be held liable for any damages or reimbursement of costs or losses incurred by the client as the reason for non-provision of such services lays exclusively on the client´s part and the Company reserves the right to withhold the provision of the services until the total order amount indicated in the Offer has been paid up in full by the client.

Privacy Policy. Given the typical circumstances in which you decide to use our services, we understand that privacy and maintaining anonymity is of utmost importance for our clients. We place your privacy at the top of our priorities. Therefore, you can rest assure that all personal data stored in our database is only used to provide services to our third-party providers. Under no other circumstances will we share any personal data unless required to do so by the competent authorities or to detect, prevent or resolve fraud, security or technical issues. In such a case, we will only provide the part of the personal data that is strictly required for the stated purposes. Credit information revealed during payments is not our responsibility, as payments are made on the third-party platforms of our online payment merchants, which encrypt the information they receive in accordance with international standards. Under no circumstances will we or our employees have access to credit care details or other credit or personal information entered during the payment process unless you provide it to assist in completing the payment process. In this case, this information will be permanently destroyed after the transaction is completed, and if it is needed again, you will need to be contacted again for credit information. Our website, vouchers, printed materials and all communication with you contain intellectual property and protected information protected by international agreements. All such intellectual property and proprietary information are our exclusive property or used with the express permission of the copyright or trademark owner. Any copying, downloading, transmission, publication, linking, redistribution, reverse engineering, distribution, creation of derivative works, modification or other use of such intellectual property and proprietary information without our prior notice.

Boat Rentals – Terms and Conditions. If you ordered as a part of the selected package a boat/yacht rental, the specific Terms and Conditions mention in this section apply to you. If We cannot obtain a model of the boat/yacht that you ordered based on the Offer, we reserve the right to change the boat/yacht indicated in the offer for a more expensive model depending on availability and in such case the Company has a right to increase the price of the Offer accordingly (that is even after the confirmation of the price by the Company) and you accept to bear the additional costs for the upgraded model. Please consider that we might not be able to accept bookings for boats/yachts that are made less than 48 hours in advance. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the Offer, prices do not include transport to accommodation from the boat and pick-up from the pier on the road. In case of bad weather, which prevents the ship from sailing, we will try to reschedule the trip for the next available day. If we are unable to reschedule, the full amount will be refunded. The boat is available from 09:00 to 17:00. If you decide to sail later, there is no discount on reducing the time spent on the boat. The ship cannot return to Cartagena later than 17:00. In case of bad weather conditions, the ship could return earlier which represents a force major case for which we do not provide any compensation. The price of the ship does not include the cost of a bilingual crew. If you do not speak Spanish, we can get you a bilingual concierge service at an extra cost.

Vacation Rentals – Lease Terms and Conditions. If you ordered as a part of the selected package the rental of residential property, then this part of these Terms and Conditions forms a legally binding lease agreement between you as a natural person or company (“Guest”) and the Company acting in the capacity of a rental agent representing the landlord which becomes valid as of the date of your booking and effective as of the moment the Deposit is paid by the Guest to the Company. The lease agreement stipulates the conditions under which the Guest has agreed to rent the residence described in the Offer (the “Property”) for the duration of the lease for the total rental fee (as stated in the Offer). The Guest agrees that at any time during the rental period more than the maximum number of persons stated by the Company in the Offer will be allowed to the Property and all of them will comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed on the Guest under this lease agreement. The Property is provided in the “as is” condition. The Company will make every effort to ensure the operation of all equipment in the Property, such as Internet access, access to location or cable TV or swimming pools. The Company is not responsible for the malfunction of these items, but will make every effort to correct any reported issues as soon as possible. The Guest acknowledges that the use of equipment such as hot tubs, swimming pools, spas, decks and the like can be potentially dangerous and, if misused, can involve a potential risk, especially for children, and such use is at the guest’s own risk. The Guest will use the Property only for residential services and in a careful manner to prevent any damage or loss of the Property and to keep the Property always clean and tidy. The Guest and all other permitted guests are not allowed to keep loud noise, disturb, harass or threaten neighbors, nor shall the Guest use the Property for any immoral, offensive or illegal facilities, nor violate any law, association rules or ordinance, nor commit waste or harassment on or about the Property. Should the Guest fail to comply with the terms and obligations of this lease agreement, the Guest will surrender the Property, remove all property and belongings of the Guest, and leave the Property in good condition and undamaged. In such case, no financial compensation will be refunded to the Guest and, if legal action is necessary, the prevailing party is entitled to reimbursement of all costs incurred by the other party. The Guest agrees that all personal property, equipment, personal belongings and other items brought into the Property by the Guest or their permitted guests and visitors will be at the Guest’s sole risk with respect to theft, damage, destruction or other loss and the Company will not be held liable for any reason. The Guest hereby acknowledges and expressly agrees that upon the payment of the Deposit, it enters into a binding lease agreement of the Property and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company as a rental agent for and against any costs, damages, liabilities, claims, legal fees and other acts for any damages, costs, legal fees. The Company reserves the right to enter the Property at reasonable times and in good time for the purpose of inspecting the Property. If the Company has a reasonable belief that there is an imminent danger to any person or the Property, the Company may enter the Property without prior notice. Check-in time in the Property is 13:00 and check-out time is 11:00, unless expressly agreed otherwise between the Guest and the Company.

Final Provisions. For the avoidance of any doubts, these Terms and Conditions and any sub-agreements hereunder are effective as of the date the Deposit is credited to the Company’s account in accordance with the invoiced issued by the Company for the services ordered by the client. These Terms and Conditions and any agreement hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Colombia.

Our commitment to sustainable tourism and social responsibility. J.A.INVEST S.A.S. rejects all cases of sexual exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors. The company undertakes to comply with Act 679 of 2001 and to report all cases of child trafficking and sexual abuse. We are committed to protecting the flora, fauna and cultural heritage of this country in accordance with section 599 of the 2000 Act and will report all cases of trafficking

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